Cellinol 5

The Cellinol-5 Cream by Celltem Pharm

Using an Anti-wrinkle cream on your skin can be a beneficial way to slow down the effects of ageing. The Cellinol-5 Cream by Celltem Pharm has five active ingredients that are designed to provide a powerful anti-wrinkle effect. These ingredients include polymide 5, which has been shown to provide an anti-wrinkle effect by strengthening the elastin and collagen fibers of the skin, as well as hydration. This cream also has an antioxidant ingredient that is known to promote healthy skin by reducing free radicals and oxidative stress. Visit cellinol-5 to read more.

Polymide 5

Using a special polymer and a patented peptide, Celltem Pharm was able to come up with the cellinol 5 cream. As a result of the experiment, the cream is claimed to be the best anti-wrinkle product on the market, and is said to improve fine wrinkles in a matter of days. The company is also said to have beaten the competition on several fronts, including moisture, anti-aging, and elasticity, among others. In a study on women between the ages of 30 and 59, the cream's claims of improving fine wrinkles and elasticity were put to the test. The product also boasts a number of other perks, including improved skin tone and moisturization. The company has since launched several more similar products, including the Cellinol-5 Night Cream.

Five active ingredients

Using the Cellinol-5 Cream is a good way to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, without the nasty side effects. Its ingredients have been shown to improve skin moisturization, tone, and elasticity, all without causing further damage. The best part is that the cream will last for many months. The ingredients have been independently formulated and the technology has been validated. The Cellinol 5 Cream is part of a new line of bio-cosmetics from Celltem Pharm. The brand uses biotechnology to improve the efficacy of its products. The best part is that the product has already been hailed as the best in its category. The cream has also been shown to work wonders on the fine lines around the eyes and mouth. The new bio-cosmetic line has already made headlines for its innovative products and the cream is just the beginning.

Anti-wrinkle effect

Using Cellinol-5 Cream is a great way to improve your skin's elasticity, lift, and moisture. The formula contains a patented peptide and five active ingredients that combine to create an anti-wrinkle effect.

Cellinol-5 Cream contains a peptide called Polymide 5, which creates a skin-like membrane that helps to protect your skin from harmful particles. It also prevents moisture from evaporating. The other ingredients in the formula include a high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, keratolytic active ingredients, and ceramide. The keratolytic active ingredient helps to remove blemishes and desmosomes while improving the general appearance of your skin. The hyaluronic acid, ceramide, and phospholipid work as skin self-defense substances. These substances slow the creation of free radicals, which are responsible for aging.

Cellinol-5 Cream is part of Celltem Pharm's new bio-cosmetics line. The brand used biotechnology to commercialize the peptide C4. It then transferred the technology to other skincare products.

Ingredients to avoid

Using Cellinol-5 Cream by Celltem Pharm will not only improve the appearance of your skin, but it will also improve the moisturization and elasticity of your skin. The cream is made using an innovative peptide that has been patented by the pharmaceutical company. The peptide has been proven to reduce fine wrinkles and the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes in a short period of time. The peptide works by blending five active ingredients to create a skin-like membrane that protects the skin from harmful particles.

The five active ingredients are ceramide, phospholipid, fatty acid, ectoin, and peptide. Phospholipid makes up 50% of the stratum corneum, a layer of skin that contains fatty acids and other self-defense substances. It also helps to prevent moisture from evaporating.

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